Herbs are the unsung heroes of cooking everywhere. They turn plain meals into exciting, refreshing and flavourful feasts. But that’s not all herbs are used for. You can use them to repel pests, reinvigorate your hair or even for decoration. 

To align with our new range of conventional and organic frozen herbs and herb puree droplets, we wanted to pay homage to these little wonders by mentioning some interesting facts along with a few recipe ideas for a few of our favourite herbs. 


Mint is rich in A, C and B2. Mint can be used in sweet and salty dishes and with its strong, distinct and refreshing flavour. It is a well know and popular herb all around the planet, in fact we all use mint every day while brushing our teeth! With summer fast approaching mint will pair perfectly as a drop-in addition to summer drinks or as a condiment base for BBQ lamb.

Recipe inspiration; 

  • Mint and watermelon salad
  • Pea and pesto pasta 
  • A refreshing Mojito
  • Mint ice cream
  • Mint sauce

Available in herb drops and organic


Aka. Cilantro. This herb holds the title of being one of the oldest herbs on record, with seeds from this plant being found in ruins dating back to 5000 BC, in fact remnants of coriander were found in the tomb of Tutankhamen. Strong in flavour, this herb is rich in dietary fibre, manganese, iron and magnesium, plus Vitamin C and K. It will add colour and a flavour punch to any curry, ready-made salad or lamb dish. 

Recipe inspiration ;

  • Coconut & coriander chicken curry
  • Coriander relish
  • Pork and Coriander money bags
  • Lime and coriander pesto
  • Carrot and coriander soup

Available in Frozen, herb drops and organic

Garden Cress

This little guy is often unrated, but offers unique tangy peppery flavour and packs a nutritional and beneficial punch. Packed with Vitamin A, K, C & E, Manganese and Vitamin B2 this small, but mighty herb may provide benefits for cardiovascular health, fights inflammation and protects the nervous system. This herb is often underutilised and with health and wellness at front of mind of consumers it’s the perfect time to promote natural, nutritious and green consumption.  

Recipe inspiration; 

  • Creamy potato soup with cress
  • Egg and cress sandwiches
  • Wild rice salad with cress
  • Cheese and cress muffins
  • Indian chicken stew

Available in herb drops and organic


Chervil is from the parsley family, but think of it as parsley’s more reserved cousin. This herb has a sweet flavour that is milder than regular parsley which allows it to combine superbly with egg dishes and delicate French cooking. The foliage is curly and soft and looks a bit like a cross between parsley and carrot tops. Chervil might be just what you’re looking for to add some colour and reserved flavour to your next range of products.

Recipe Inspiration; 

  • Chervil mayonnaise
  • Veal with a creamy chervil sauce
  • Asparagus with lemon, pepper and chervil dressing
  • Creamy potato and chervil soup
  • Scrambled eggs with chervil, tarragon and chives

Available in herb drops and organic


Rich in vitamins A, B6, C and K and minerals, basil has been used in culinary dishes and for medicinal uses for thousands of years. You may think delicious Italian, bruschetta and pesto when thinking of basil, but now basil is on the verge of opening up to so many more uses. But in addition to culinary uses, Basil tea can assist with digestion or gas, plus you will find basil making a resurgence in soaps and perfumes.  

Recipe Inspiration; 

  • Strawberry basil pancakes
  • Beef with chilli and basil
  • Chorizo and basil pizza
  • Thai basil chicken
  • Gin basil smash

Available in frozen, herb drops and organic

A little about us here at Natural ingredients; 

Our team source fruits and vegetables ingredients from all over the world and deliver our produce to some of Australia’s largest food manufacturers as well as local processors and food service companies.

Are you looking for new offering ideas, or a something that’s a little hard to source? Our worldwide network means we can access an enormous range of fruit and vegetable ingredients in all formats available.

In addition, we supply a very broad range of herbs, including all those you have read about above. 

Browse our range of herbs below*; 

*subject to change, please contact us for more details

 IQF HerbsHerb DropsOrganic
Borage🌿 🌿
Chervil 🌿🌿
Chives Rings🌿  
Cress 🌿🌿
Dill 🌿🌿
Dill Tips🌿  
Garlic🌿(cubes) 🌿
Italian Mix🌿  
Mint 🌿🌿
Oregano🌿 🌿
Parsley and Garlic Mix🌿  
Rocket 🌿🌿
Rosemary🌿 🌿
Shallot Cubes🌿  
Water Cress 🌿 
8 Herbs Mix🌿  

If you would like more information on our herb range or you would like recipe ideas we would love to hear from you. We are available to at  (+61) 02 45732 555 or [email protected] and our team will happily assist you with your enquiry. 

Reach out to us now to discover how we can help you.

Natural Ingredients Bananas

Vietnam continues to expand and develop its supply capability of tropical fruits in IQF, juice and juice concentrate formats. Whilst their capability on products like banana, passionfruit and pineapple is well understood, they also produce an interesting range of other fruit varieties that will be of interest to those developing new products containing tropical fruit.

These products include the following:

  • Aloe Vera
  • Calamansi
  • Dragonfruit (red and also white flesh)
  • Gac Fruit
  • Jackfruit and
  • Lychee

If you are interested in IQF products, we can also offer IQF Lime slices (great for food service and catering market) and IQF Lemongrass, a classic in Vietnamese cuisine.

Contact us for more information.

Natural Ingredients Blueberries

Are you interested in clearly demonstrating evidence of a sustainable supply chain? What does ‘sustainability’ mean to you?

The term can mean different things to different people. In order to ensure clarity on our meaning of the term ‘sustainably grown’, we have developed sources of supply that are third party certified to meet specific standards as defined by the Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN).

In recent years we have seen the evolution of a new category of certification for fruits and vegetables, that being ‘sustainably certified’.

The SAN standard is a rigorous set of environmental, social, and economic criteria that promote sustainability on farms around the world. We have now developed a group of suppliers that have embraced the standard and committed to developing sustainably certified fruits (and vegetables). Most of these suppliers are certified to Rainforest Alliance.

This has become more recognised by consumers over time, most notably by its presence on coffee, tea and chocolate (Cocoa). Time will tell whether consumers do make the link between the ‘green frog’ standing for ‘sustainably grown’ produce. If you want the Rainforest Alliance logo on your finished products this is possible via a ‘chain of custody’ agreement with Rainforest Alliance.

Rainforest Alliance Certified Seal

Our efforts in this space will continue to grow and develop over time. If this is an area of interest for your business then please let us know and we would pleased to provide you with further information on the products available.

Natural Ingredients Crop

The new season for Chilean berry fruit has now commenced and conditions have been favourable for a good crop, plentiful supply and, in the absence of any sudden weather changes, we expect stable pricing.

The product under the most pressure at this time is the strawberry as a result of the poor crop in Poland and smaller crops in Morocco and also China. This has been placing upwards pressure on strawberry prices in all formats.

We are now able to offer conventional and organic fruit supply for 2018 deliveries on blueberry, boysenberry, raspberry, strawberry and sweet cherry.

For more berry information or to place an order, see Fruit Raw Material Supplies.

Natural Ingredients Avocado

Natural Ingredients is a leading importer of frozen avocado from South America (Mexico, Chile and Peru).

Over the past 12 months prices have surged to record levels due to surging global demand and reduced harvests from major producers in Mexico, Peru and California.

The recent fires in California will also have an impact on supply into the large US market. We carry stock of Frozen Avocado in most states of Australia and we welcome your enquiries.