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Summer fruits update

By Natural Ingredients | 11th September, 2020

While the weather is colder, summer fruits are normally far from our minds here in Australia.  The harvest season has well and truly started for a large range of summer fruits in Europe and North America. Our farms are reporting a solid growing season and high quality produce. As the weather gets warmer, your customers will already be…

Herbs – Not just a flavour powerhouse

By Natural Ingredients | 25th July, 2020

Herbs are the unsung heroes of cooking everywhere. They turn plain meals into exciting, refreshing and flavourful feasts. But that’s not all herbs are used for. You can use them to repel pests, reinvigorate your hair or even for decoration.  To align with our new range of conventional and organic frozen herbs and herb puree…

Natural Ingredients Bananas

Tropical fruits from Vietnam offer some interesting options for new product development

By Natural Ingredients | 17th February, 2018

Vietnam continues to expand and develop its supply capability of tropical fruits in IQF, juice and juice concentrate formats. Whilst their capability on products like banana, passionfruit and pineapple is well understood, they also produce an interesting range of other fruit varieties that will be of interest to those developing new products containing tropical fruit.…

Natural Ingredients Blueberries

Natural Ingredients expands range of ‘sustainably certified’ fruits

By Natural Ingredients | 17th February, 2018

Are you interested in clearly demonstrating evidence of a sustainable supply chain? What does ‘sustainability’ mean to you? The term can mean different things to different people. In order to ensure clarity on our meaning of the term ‘sustainably grown’, we have developed sources of supply that are third party certified to meet specific standards…

Natural Ingredients Crop

The new season for Chilean berry fruit crops has commenced

By Natural Ingredients | 17th February, 2018

The new season for Chilean berry fruit has now commenced and conditions have been favourable for a good crop, plentiful supply and, in the absence of any sudden weather changes, we expect stable pricing. The product under the most pressure at this time is the strawberry as a result of the poor crop in Poland and…

Natural Ingredients Avocado

Avocado set for more difficult times ahead

By Natural Ingredients | 20th June, 2017

Natural Ingredients is a leading importer of frozen avocado from South America (Mexico, Chile and Peru). Over the past 12 months prices have surged to record levels due to surging global demand and reduced harvests from major producers in Mexico, Peru and California. The recent fires in California will also have an impact on supply…