No it’s not a trick, non browning avocado is real!

Sound too good to be true? 

Think about an avocado, that when cut, doesn’t turn an unsightly brown, helping you to keep your food looking fresh for days longer. How can we offer natural, additive free avocado that doesn’t brown? 

Introducing the Natavo™ avocado. 

Natavo™ avocado undergoes a unique process that when completed results in a product that is resistant to the process of browning. This process is 100% chemical, additive and preservative free.

“Natavo™ products have a remarkable shelf life, are 100% natural, taste great and come in frozen sliced avocado, frozen avocado chunks and frozen smashed avocado. It’s IQF Avocado like you have never seen before.”

Reduce waste, extend the life of your shelf products and save money. 

Read on to discover more.

What causes an avocado to go brown?

Avocados contain an enzyme called polyphenol oxidase. The browning of the avocado flesh happens when this enzyme is exposed to oxygen. 

It is safe to eat an avocado when it has browned, however the browning process can cause a bitter taste and it doesn’t look as appealing for consumers as the Avocado’s regular gorgeous vibrant green.

About the Natavo™ process:

The process that creates a non browning avocado, happens through the world first technology of the ATM, (Avocado Time Machine). The ATM “turns off” the enzyme that causes the avocado flesh to brown. 

This completely natural process both makes the avocado present better for longer, it also extends the avocado life by 10 days (when kept in the fridge) even after the packaging is opened. 

“Delivered via the patented Avocado Time Machine, the Natavo™ process effectively switches off the enzyme that causes avocados to go brown. It’s 100% natural, using only the forces of nature.” 

The Why: 

So why switch to a non browning Avocado? There are many reasons why you should switch to Natavo™ Avocado. Here is just a few…

Sustainability – from an environment point of view, food waste has a significant impact on the environment. By choosing food that lasts longer on display and is more appealing for longer, it helps save all the previous resources needed for food production. 

Reducing waste and saving money – By reducing the amount you throw out, you save money expenditure by reducing the amount of product you need and also reduce the amount of product orders needed. 

Reduce additives – The Natavo™ avocado ATM uses a 100% natural process to switch off the enzyme in avocados that turn it brown, with out the use of any additives through the process. Perfect for any consumer that is conscious of their food consumption.

Appeal – Have your fresh products, look fresh for longer. Helping to increase your selling appeal, with less effort. 

Extend display life – This product is perfect for any foodservice business that requires its product to be on display for substantial amounts of time. Make your products look better, for longer. Extend your product display life, from one or two days too many!

The Natavo™ avocado is available in IQF pulp, cubes, halves, smashed avocado and slices its the perfect way to reduce your waste, save money and deliver a superior product to your customers. 

To order Natavo™ avocado or for more information, please contact our helpful team here at Natural Ingredients. Contact us on 02 4573 2555 or by email at [email protected].

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