Let’s face it, the world has changed a lot this year. 

Whether you own a cornucopia of restaurants, ship ready-made meals right around the country, or stock the nations grocers with products for families to enjoy at home, the story is the same. In a world working quickly to adapt to a new normal, one of the largest tasks is to consistently source high quality produce. Some of the biggest challenges faced by business is sourcing quality, affordable produce and then utilising these materials give you the best return.

These concerns, for herbs at least, have been satisfied by our puree herb drops. Discover why below; 

What are Herb Drops?

Herb drops are pure, pureed, frozen drop of herbs. Pure herbs, snap frozen just after harvest to retain quality and packaged to make it convenient for you. Our drops available in pre measured, 5g and 20g weights.

You will find a large selection of herbs available in the herb drop range, including; 

  • Basil
  • Dill
  • Chervil
  • Coriander
  • Red Chili Peppers
  • Curled Parsley 
  • Rocket
  • Mint
  • Garden Cress

There are so many reasons puree herb drops should be on your list for consideration, here are a just a few;

Available all year round.

As markets shift and change a big challenge for consistent supply can be the seasonal nature of many of the products our best recipes and products rely on, including herbs. Our herbs drop are available all year round and are consistent in size and quality.

Easy to store

Storing fresh herbs can often be a challenge with correct humidity and temperature, plus they take up quite a bit of space. Fresh herbs also have a very limited shelf life for freshness, so it can be difficult to manage stock levels. Herbs drops are an excellent alternative to all those fresh herbs in your kitchen, both for storage ease and longevity. 

Fibre – Free

Each non-stick drop dissolves deliciously into whatever recipe or product you wish to make as they are fibre free. Any dish, sauce, cocktail, smoothie, soup, or sorbet would benefit by the time and energy saved using Herb Drops, in replacement of fresh herbs.

Less Waste = better value

Each 300 gram package, cuts down on wasteful and environmentally harmful individual packaging, contains 100% snap frozen herb drops, frozen individually in 5g or 20g sizes. In addition to reducing packaging, the pre-measured, pre weighed herbs drops mean you don’t have kitchen waste from excess produce, stems or sub-standard products, you get to use every last bit of you pay for!

Every kitchen knows how important timing is to the process of preparing a dish. Knowing that your herbal ingredients are fresh, easily available year around, and always ready to use can remove stress from any preparation. Both you and your customers will love the surprisingly intense flavour added to whatever you cook. 

Our Herb Drops are available in both regular and organic variants and are ready to order now. Contact our team to discuss your supply needs. 

If you would like more information on our herb drop range or you would like recipe ideas we would love to hear from you. We are available to at  (+61) 02 45732 555 or [email protected] and our team will happily assist you with your enquiry. 

Reach out to us now to discover how we can help you.

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